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ComfyLiftBed™ Toddler size

New! The "Adjustable BackLift" Positioner

Enhancing the special needs bed/mattress for the Disabled Child

Easily installs in Vinyl leak-proof cover. The adjusting backrest slips into sleeve under the head rest area. Toddler size only.

-helps for upright feedings
-grooming and brushing is made easier
-suctioning sessions improved
-respiratory therapy enhanced
-general resting in upright position
-Severe reflux occurrences are better managed

*Child should always be supervised while in the upright position.

ComfyLiftBed™ - Child Beds

"Like Mother's Arms"

"...The ComfyLiftBed is the best solution available for children afflicted with sleep/breathing disorders that can be treated with positional therapy."
- Ashvin Patel, M.D

Does your child suffer from:

  • Pain, irritability, constant or sudden crying, "colic"
  • Choking or gagging
  • Apnea, poor sleeping habits, frequent waking
  • Not outgrowing the spitting-up stage
  • Frequent coughing and hoarseness
  • Congestion
  • Hydrocephalus
  • Eosinophilic Esophagitis
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Increased ICP
  • Aspiration pneumonia
  • Acute & Chronic respiratory conditions
  • G-Tube Feeding Programs
  • Sleep Breathing Disorders

Our mission here is to help the most helpless among us - the children, as well as the adults that also suffer from sleep breathing disorders. All children deserve the highest quality of life and healthcare possible. We offer the ComfyLiftBed™ U.S. Patent # 7,415,743 as a functional aid. Its purpose is to relieve acid reflux symptoms and sleep breathing disorders while your child sleeps. It is not a cure by itself, but a huge part of the overall treatment for reflux.

There is no need to strap down your child. With our bed, your child is able to move freely and change sleeping positions for natural, restful sleep. Other child's beds and mattresses require your child to be strapped in, which is uncomfortable and could be harmful to your child. We offer the utmost comfort and safety with our beds because that is what your child deserves.

Comfy Lift Bed Comfy Lift Bed

Vinyl Covered ComfyLiftBed

Instruction Information


This bed/mattress is designed to have an elevated head rest to raise the upper body; side barriers made from mini-wedges create a concave design that cradles the child. Foot rests prevent sliding down, and may be removed as the child grows. Optional leak-proof vinyl covers for all sizes. All sizes include a custom cotton wrap. Can be used as free standing for “safe” floor use or fits toddler & twin frames.

Top Quality Hand Crafted, Made in America

Which Pillow is Right for Your Family?

The ComfyLiftBed™ is now available in different sizes for children and adults

Toddler Size - Designed for children from over 1 year old up to 48" in height. This model is 28"W x 51"L x 20"H overall, and fits on a toddler frame or can be freestanding for "low-to-floor" safety issues.

Adolescent and Adult LARGE Size - Designed for children & Adults over 48" to 72" in height. This model is 39"W x 75"L x 26"H overall, and fits on a standard twin bed frame or can be freestanding for "low-to-floor" safety issues. Also, available in large adult size for over 225 lbs.

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